Geofencing and multiple users?

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Geofencing and multiple users?

Post by ShaneClark »

I've only had my Welcome installed since this morning, and so far all is going well.

Enabling location services (always on) for the Security app on my iPhone successfully notices when I leave the house. I'm not sure it notices when I return though.

But my main question is how can I get geofencing to work for everyone else in the family? They need to install the Security app, I guess. But do they need their own netatmo accounts, or do they all have to share mine? How would I stop them changing the camera settings?
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Re: Geofencing and multiple users?

Post by jofre_netatmo »

When returning home geofencing doesn't work: each user needs to be identified by the camera.
As for other users in the home, you can send them an invitation to join your home with their own account. Go to the settings menu => manage guests.
Jofre - Netatmo Team
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