Help with FTP connection (langui)

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Help with FTP connection (langui)

Post by Oxymoron » 14 Jul 2020, 19:08


Is anybody using FTPServer by Langui to store videos? If so I would be grateful for help as I can't get it to connect. I am a beginner at FTP so probably have everything wrong. This is what I have tried:

FTP Server preferences are the defaults, so I have
server root:/Users/<username>/Library/Containers/net.langui.FTPServer/Data/Documents/FTPShare
Port 2121
FTP over SSL unticked
Anonymous Read&Write
FTP service is running with green light, with two addresses - , both ending 2121

I then made an "account" with username Netatmo, a password, permission Read&Write, and Home Directory set to my Documents folder

Then in Netatmo advanced settings,
Hostname: either of the two FTP service addressers, ending in 2121
Port: 2121
User: Netatmo
Save to: the same Documents folder as defined in the FTP server preferences

However, it does not connect.

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