Does Geofencing work reliably for anyone??

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Does Geofencing work reliably for anyone??

Post by ConnerLawson » 25 Jul 2020, 09:46

For almost a year now Geofencing has only worked very occasionally. Almost never recognises that I have left home, so have to tell Welcome manually. Tried all the usual power off and on, and resetting my location in the app. Occasionally it will work once after that before failing again. Worked fine when I first had it, but numerous updates of Android, the app, and firmware since then.

It must know I have switched Geofencing on, as it doesn't declare me away if it doesn't see me for 4 hours.
When I set my location omegle xender in the app, I can't find any indicator to tell me that I have done this successfully, and my address does not appear in the location screen when I open the app again. Is this normal?

Does anyone with android actually have reliable Geofencing, or is this a widespread problem?

Apart from this problem Welcome (and Presence) is brilliant.



Galaxy S7
Welcome Firmware 199
Android app v
Android 8.0.0

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Re: Does Geofencing work reliably for anyone??

Post by Oxymoron » 21 Sep 2020, 18:57

It worked for me fine when I first bought my cameras. But it stopped working after about a month (not sure exactly) and no matter what I try I can't get it to work again. I am entirely on Apple system. Netatmo seem curiously silent about this issue...

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