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Firmware updates

Post by Brieuc_Netatmo » 13 Jul 2015, 12:15


Please find below the changelog of the Smart Indoor Camera and the Smart Door And Windows Sensors (Tags) firmwares:

Smart Indoor Camera 456 / Sensors v58 / Siren v206 2020-05-19:
- Siren v206: tamper detection can now be enabled from the alerts and recording settings page of your Siren.
- Minor HomeKit Secure Video fixes
- Minor WiFi connection improvements
- Minor fixes for rare crashes and connectivity issues.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements regarding the Siren.

Smart Indoor Camera 440 / Sensors v58 / Siren v205 2020-02-25:
- HomeKit Secure Video compatibility.
- Sensors sensitivity settings fix.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements regarding the Siren.

Smart Indoor Camera 426 / Sensors v58 / Siren v202 2020-01-13:
- Improvements regarding security
- Fix a bug that caused cameras to become sometimes unresponsive after a reboot

Smart Indoor Camera v425 / Sensors v58 / Siren v202 2019-09-24:
- Upgrade « Smart Indoor Siren » firmware version to 2.2: improved connectivity with the Camera
- Upgrade « Smart Door & Window Sensors » firmware version to 58. Minor algorithm improvements
- Security improvements
- HLS (video streaming and recording) - miscellaneous improvements

Smart Indoor Camera v415 / Sensors v57 / Siren v107 2019-09-24:
- Fix bug causing bad streaming experience and high latency
- Add "Smart Indoor Siren" compatibility
- Fix "Smart Door & Window Sensors" installation issues
- Fix miscellaneous crashes

Smart Indoor Camera v411 / Sensors v57 2019-09-04:
- Improve WiFi overall stability and reduce network disconnections
- Improve accessory connectivity
- Support of upcoming products
- Minor improvements in human motion detection
- Minor bug fixes
- Sensor v57: Minor algorithm improvements

Smart Indoor Camera v275 / Sensors v56 2019-05-13:
- SD card file management improvements
- Security improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- Sensors v56: Minor algorithm improvements

Smart Indoor Camera v270 / Tags v54 2019-02-25:
- Improved detection algorithms: detection and identifications are verified more often than before.
- Tags v54: Minor algorithm improvements.

Smart Indoor Camera v252 / Tags v50 2018-12-18 -ONLY FOR USERS WITH TAGS-:
- Tags: v50 new radio protocol, improved connectivity with the camera.
Note: This version is only going to be sent to Cameras with Tags as it only changes the way the Camera and the Tags communicate. For the rest, it is exactly like v250.

Smart Indoor Camera v250 / Tags v49 2018-11-12:
- HomeKit compatibility: you can enable HomeKit; a unique configuration code will be generated and you can use it to configure your camera in HomeKit.
- Tags: v49 update to prepare a radio protocol change and minor fixes.
Important: if you have Tags, make sure they have battery and they update to v49.

Welcome v199 / Tags v34 2018-03-21:
- Faster face detection algorithms.
- Improved detection algorithms for motion events (animals, people, other motion).
- Minor bug fixes and network stability improvements.

Welcome v180 / Tags v34 2017-10-24:
- Improved animal and human detection
- Reduction of false motion alerts, including light changes and vacuum cleaners.
- Faster reactivity in face detection
- Robustified video uploads to FTP server
- Bug fixes regarding events buffered while offline
- Audio bug fix for Android
- Other minor bug fixes

Welcome v169 / Tags v34 2017-08-01:
- [Welcome] Animal and people detection: motion events now distinguish these categories. Events caused by pets can be ignored.
- [Welcome] Face detection algorithms improvements.
- [Welcome] Improved image quality.
- [Welcome] Better communication with the Tags.
- [Welcome] Other minor bug fixes.
- [Tags] Stability improvements.

Welcome v131 / Tags v32 2017-01-31:
- Fixed a bug which prevented efficient video transmission on local network

Welcome v130 / Tags v32 2017-01-26:
- [Welcome] New face recognition algorithm
- [Tags] Stability improvements

Welcome v119 / Tags v25 2016-09-14:
- [Welcome] Various bug fixes and optimizations
- [Tags] Stability improvements
- [Tags] Sensitivity Activity setting can now be set to 0: with this threshold, no more vibrations are detected, only motions.

Welcome v100 / Tags v17 2016-07-04:
- Fixed a bug which prevented the computer setup wizard to detect Welcome when connected with the USB cable.

Welcome v98 / Tags v17 2016-06-21:
- You can now export videos to Dropbox!
- Tags connection stability improvements

Welcome v96 / Tags v17 2016-06-08:
- Welcome now supports DoorTags!
- Bugfix on SDCard notification
- Bugfix on FTP path
- Various bug fixes and optimizations

v72 2016-03-10:
- New facial recognition algorithm
- New feature: detection of sound alarms such as smoke detectors
- New feature: automatic saving of recorded video to FTP server
- Reduced load on VPN servers for improved stability
- New available settings: manual or automatic day and night modes; sound recording ON/OFF; mirror image; visible red LED when live-streaming.
- Fixed bug of bad image quality (green tint or over-exposed)

v40 2015-12-28:
- Encryption improvements of the SD-card
- Fixes a bug preventing the download of long videos, or simultaneous videos at the same time.
- Various stability bug-fixes

v39 2015-07-31:
- When "this is not a face" is reported on a false face detection, it will now create a new internal model of "non-face" specific to that camera. When a new false detection happens and matches to that model, the camera will not send notification/record a video anymore.
- Face detection improvements.

- Fixes a bug in the buffering of events (face detection/movements) when the network is unreachable.
- Network stability improvements.
- Infrared LED is powered-off when the camera process is stopped when setting "monitoring off".
- New Wifi driver settings, with disabled "roaming". Should prevent the wifi from disconnecting/reconnecting too frequently for no reason (if there are wifi repeaters).
- In case of unreachable network, the camera automatically reboots after 1h15 (previous versions waited 3h15).
- Various bug fixes and optimizations.

v34 2015-07-08:
- Faster face identification/event for known people.
- Faster handling of Bluetooth and accelerometer, for a more reactive "blue led" indication when moving the camera upside-down during an installation.
- Fixed bug occuring in multiple cameras in 1 home, where trying to update a person model would lock one camera to never update anything.
- Complete support of pincode protection for the monitoring on/off action.
- Various bug fixes and optimizations.

v33 2015-06-25:
- New http server and live streaming settings, for better streaming quality when the camera is very far from the France VPN.
- New Wi-Fi/Bluetooth driver.
- Buffering of camera events (movement, detection, videos) when network is not reachable.
- More extensive database for face recognition.
- Videos record longer when someone is detected.
- Various bug fixes and optimizations.

v30 2015-06-19:
- Fix for negatives-maybe bug from apps.
- Improved electrical settings for stability.

Update process information:
Newest firmware is automatically installed at first installation of Welcome.
For already installed cameras, the newest firmware is automatically pushed gradually for all the cameras.
Brieuc - Netatmo Team


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