Ports 500-4500

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Ports 500-4500

Post by Jentkus » 09 Dec 2016, 22:19

I am trying to set up camera via wi-fi, but getting message on iphone that I need to open ports 500 and 4500 UDP. I have a router Alcatel-Lucent I-240-A. I did port forwarding as per instruction, opened ports in firewall, but without success. Also checked ports via Port Forward utilite and it says me that ports are busy by application. Tried in all modes when camera on\off.

When I create wi-fi access point via iphone LTE, camera works. Please help to understand where is my mistake.

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Re: Ports 500-4500

Post by AndreaFx » 07 Jan 2017, 12:11

Dear Netatmo team,
I've the same problem.

Following my lan configuration:
-Modem ADSL ---> DMZ ---> Router Asus RT-AC66U ---> Netatmo Welcome (all my devices are linked to the router)
I opened ports UDP 500 and 4500 in the Asus Router.....doesn't work
I tried to put the welcome in the DMZ of the Router.....doesn't work
I tried to link the welcome directly to the modem.....doesn't work

With iphone hotspot.....camera works

I have a Netatmo thermostat and works without problem linked to router asus

Any ideas?

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Re: Ports 500-4500

Post by slcauson » 12 Jan 2017, 21:52

Mine is doing exactly the same on a BiPAC 88800AXL router. When I open the ports 4500 and 500 it still throws up the error. Then it goes into some sort of "lamp" mode, where it just lights up the lamp whenever it senses something. When I try to run the app, it can't find the camera. When I put the £D barcode in front the camera, the lamp just lights up. I can't seem to get any sort of support from Netatamo. Any ideas? Where are the instructions on how to set the router if it doesn't work. This is the second Presence I've had and I'll be returning this one to Amazon for a refund if it won't work.

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Re: Ports 500-4500

Post by AndreaFx » 19 Jan 2017, 19:34

I solved the issue.
I tried an hard reset of the ADSL modem and....now works!
It's a strange thing because i didn't modify anything.

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Re: Ports 500-4500

Post by JulenFern » 12 Feb 2017, 23:12


Same problem here but with a Synology RT2600ac router.

Welcome camera worked perfectly with an Airport extreme without doing anything then it can't be a problem with the isp modem and i activated DMZ with the IP assigned to Welcome but doesn't work.

I have a Netatmo Weather Station too and works fine.

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Re: Ports 500-4500

Post by zoic21 » 19 May 2019, 13:19

Did you resolv your issue ? I have the same...

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Re: Ports 500-4500

Post by Guillaume_B_Netatmo » 21 May 2019, 14:19

Hello zoic21,

I contacted you directly via email as it will be easier to investigate on your case.
If you can't see my email, please check your SPAM folder as GMAIL can "blacklist" us from time to time.

I thank you for your comprehension!
Technician specialist

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