Exceptional Wind Gust Readings

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Exceptional Wind Gust Readings

Post by boneyard » 20 Aug 2018, 22:30

Anyone else having issues with abnormally high wind gust readings? Everyday around mid to late morning for an hour or two I get wind gust readings of 25-35 mph even when there is no wind!

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Re: Exceptional Wind Gust Readings

Post by PaulOnWetter » 05 Sep 2018, 11:46

I think this problem has not been addressed at all up to date.
Its now 05.09.2018 and I try to find out to compare real data at the same position of:
- an "old WMR 928 mechanical" wind gauge.
- a new Netatmo wind gauge.
Values are completely different (see: / ) in wind force and gusts!
Force: 0 / + 6 kts
Gust: 0 / +12 kts
Netatmo wind gauge seems to measure even
- "no wind at all" as a
- "flow of air from somewhere".
I wrote a report to NetAtmo and are waiting for a reply.

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Wind gauge measures are INCORRECT.

Post by PaulOnWetter » 30 Oct 2018, 10:05

In the meantime, we have learned in numerous tests that the Netatmo "wind gauge" is not working reliably. Examples of incorrect measurements are:
- in strong winds (10-20 Kts) only 2-3 Kts are measured from 24.October 2018 by NetAtmo.
- in gusts (wind 2 / gust 12 Kts), gusts are measured or calculated far too high.
- in gusts (wind 6 / gust 18 Kts), gusts measured from 17.October 2018 by NetAtmo (Photo attached).

We were able to compare the measured values with an old WMR-918 (display turquoise color).
Thanks to the PC software from Werner Krenn , a clear picture of the faulty measurements of the NetAtmo sensor is obtained (display orange color); (Photo attached).

NetAtmo support could not solve these problems up to date, but will probably work on improvements of the measurements and calculations - and possibly on a new software version (only in summer 2019), possibly also on new hardware (?).
The anemometer is NOT usable in our current experience in a sailing club in the current state, but this will certainly apply to other "users".
These unrealistic values of NetAtmo - wind gauge will not be published on our website until problems are solved.

But I think the concept of ultrasound measurement (no more spider problems) and the server version are good in principle. Of course, the apps of NetAtmo, MyAtmo, etc. also show wrong data from the NetAtmo server!
The old WMR must continue to serve, and we will have to remove the spider nets on the propeller from time to time.

Many thanks to Werner Krenn: PC-Wetterstation.de for the effort to keep his PC-software up-to-date, including Netamto. The integration of the interface worked well!


Photo of compared values of NetAtmo and WMR-918 Wind gauges, Netatmo-Server and App-NetAtmo:

Photo of wind / gusts (6 / 18 kts)

Link to Website of sailing club at Lake Starnberg: select Wetter/WebCam to see actual values of WMR-918:
http://www.ycss.de . See WebCam, both wind gauges are placed at lake side close to each other.

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Re: Exceptional Wind Gust Readings

Post by hompe » 11 Jul 2019, 10:43


I have the same problem. The measured Wind is to low comparing to the actual despite changing the settings and calibrating the hight of the anemometer, nothing happens when I change the hight :(


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Re: Exceptional Wind Gust Readings

Post by PaulOnWetter » 11 Jul 2019, 11:53

Hi Mats,
the problems of bad readings are still the same as one year ago!
Calibration does not solve this problem at all!
The wind gauge has a new "firmware # 19" but it doesn't chance the wrong measurements / readings.
Values are even out of day/night - time scale , see NetAtmo (APP and Orange) compared to an analog WMR Wind-Gauge, see attachment.
I think we can NOT expect near real measurements from NETATMO Windgauge at all!
To sad to spend 99 EUR for hardware that has no real value for users...
NetAtmo Wind Gauge.PNG
Digital Wind Gauge NETATMO App
NetAtmo Wind Gauge.PNG (52.57 KiB) Viewed 778 times
Digital Wind Gauge NETATMO compared to analog WMR 928
NetAtmo-Wind-Gauge-2019-07-11.jpg (433.82 KiB) Viewed 779 times

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