Wrong temperature

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Wrong temperature

Post by Trainmaster79 » 20 Apr 2019, 21:53

I just got my Netatmo, and I am not sure i works correctly. Indoor temperature i correct, but outdoor temperature is 10 celcius wrong. Does i take a while for everything to work perfect??


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Re: Wrong temperature

Post by wvy » 04 Jun 2019, 08:31

Have the same problem ... my Netatmo is several years old and sins june 01 my readings are about 8°C wrong.

Have a second indoor module next to the Netatmo and this works fine ... this shows a temperature of 24,6°C and 1m further the Netatmo shows 33,1°C
I also have a Elgato Home and this one shows also the correct temperature of 24,6°C next to the Netatmo ....

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