New Rain Gauges Seem Defective

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New Rain Gauges Seem Defective

Post by chrisgross » 10 Nov 2019, 17:52

I have been a Netatmo Weather Station user for the past 7 years. Due to a storm in Medoc my rain gauge was blown across the lot. When my wife found and gave it to me it was missing the little flip flop thing. Meaning I had to buy a new rain gauge. That rain gauge came and it generated absurd data. It said that 200mm of rain had fallen. I let it go for a day thinking it was just me setting it up. Nope as we are having constant rain the next day again an absurd amount. As I bought this from I returned and received a new one. Again the same defect. So I looked closely at it, and read all of the documentation. I calibrated the device and today the same problem. I enclosed a snapshot and apparently we had 256mm of rain. For kicks I went to the pool and measured and there was nowhere near 256mm of rain. I hate to have to yet again return another device for fear that I might be doing something stupid. Thus I am reaching out to Netatmo support, and this forum to hear if anybody has a solution.

BTW the problem is that I get both extremes, either very little rain, or way too much rain. There is no more just a bit of rain.
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Re: New Rain Gauges Seem Defective

Post by Chiara_Netatmo » 12 Nov 2019, 13:51


Please submit a support request via our help center (, we will then be able to investigate about this issue.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Re: New Rain Gauges Seem Defective

Post by Septoria » 09 Dec 2019, 20:47

I had a similar problem a few days ago. After unregistering an old gauge and installing a new one via the modules manager, sometimes 50-100 mm or more were reported within a few minutes, or no rain at all although it was raining cats and dogs. Then I realised that I hadn't thrown away the old gauge yet and that the batteries were still inside. Since I have removed the batteries and re-registered the new gauge, measurements look normal. Maybe the unregistering process didn't work properly resulting in both gauges interfering with each other.

EDIT: Yesterday I re-inserted the batteries into the old gauge and kept it on a shelf inside. This morning it had been raining for about four hours, but no rain was reported by the new gauge. Then I removed the batteries again and with the next update 5 mm of precipitiation were displayed, which corresponds to the amount reported by other gauges in the neighbourhood for the whole day. Conclusion: The old gauge prevented the new one from reporting or the base got confused by the presence of the old one. The huge amounts of rainfall observed earlier probably stem from the calibration procedure, whose data was registered by the base many hours later, probably when it temporarily lost contact to the old gauge.

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