Wind and gust bearing in degrees

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Wind and gust bearing in degrees

Post by Marta32 » 10 Jan 2020, 11:22

Hi, I have just moved to a full Netatmo setup having historically had more traditional weather stations. My wife and I hold pilots licenses and so we are used to understanding wind direction as bearings rather than the less useful N E S W indications.

All I can find on any of the Netatmo apps etc. is a numerical bearing for the 24 hour average. Is there anyway to get current or recent numerical bearings for wind and gusts?

I’m hoping so as I’m quite impressed with the devices themselves, especially the ultrasonic anemometer, but I am wondering if Netatmo is more a basic / home hobby type solution and to get what we need I’ll have to return it and go back to something like a Davis??

Fingers crossed someone experienced with the Netatmo solutions will be able to point me in the right direction to access the wind data with bearings, or worst case confirm that it’s not possible.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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