No more data from servers?

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Re: No more data from servers?

Post by trinityweather » 06 Apr 2020, 10:09

asraels wrote:
06 Apr 2020, 10:04
dynavox wrote:
06 Apr 2020, 08:30
same here in germany!! and yes new FW on all 3 moduls 177/50/50
Beta tester here, just to confirm, I also have FW 177/50/50/12. Will the missing data show up as soon as the issue is resolved? Is there any internal memory build in the main module btw?
I certainly hope the missing data is restored

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Re: No more data from servers?

Post by GEORGzer » 06 Apr 2020, 10:49

I now can see the complete measurements up until 3:15 GMT+2. It‘s slowly catching up and nothing seems to be lost.
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Re: No more data from servers?

Post by Chiara_Netatmo » 06 Apr 2020, 10:53

We are aware of the situation, our research and development teams are analysing the data to find a solution rapidly.
We will inform you about the evolution of the situation.
Thank you for your patience, have an excellent day.

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Re: No more data from servers?

Post by Sandra_C » 06 Apr 2020, 11:12


We indeed experienced a delay regarding the processing of the Weather Stations' data.
It is now getting back to normal and we were able to retrieve all the data so no lost.

Thank you for understanding.
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Re: No more data from servers?

Post by Cedricf25 » 06 Apr 2020, 11:25

It's ok for me :)
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