Outdoor air quality

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Outdoor air quality

Post by domotifred » 09 Oct 2014, 16:50

As the outdoor module isn't equipped with appropriate sensor, do you know how the info "outdoor air quality" is retrieved on the web interface of the Netatmo module?


La sonde extérieure n'étant pas équipée de détecteur adéquate, savez-vous comment est récupérée l'info "qualité de l'air extérieur" sur l'interface WEB de la sonde Netatmo ?


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Re: outdoor air quality

Post by fvignero » 09 Oct 2014, 20:39

The answer is in the FAQ of your mobile application (FAQ parameter / Air quality). This information is retrieved from CITEAIR (in Europe).

La réponse est dans les FAQ de ton application mobile dans paramètre FAQ mais sinon pour info c'est une information récupéré sur citeair


Re: Outdoor air quality

Post by Nath_Netatmo » 13 Oct 2014, 09:52


From now on, we would like to keep the forum for weather station in English. That's why all posts for this recent topic have been translated in English (I won't do it for all topics...).
If you want, you can write your post in your native language and then use "Google translate" to add the English translation.

Thank you very much!

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