Strange behavior from Wind gauge

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Strange behavior from Wind gauge

Post by Vindis »

Yesterday I demounted the wind gauge at 13:45 and I placed it at the frontdoor.

At 14:45 I moved the wind gauge inside to my office, where I placed on a desk. I left the office and nobody was there until 21:30.

As you can see, the wind gauge continued to measure as if I still was mounted outdoors... Strange?

Even during the night there was activity.

Can anybody explain, what is happening?

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Re: Strange behavior from Wind gauge

Post by davide37 »

Spooky. You must have poltergeists or a heavy breathing cat.
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Re: Strange behavior from Wind gauge

Post by phil90 »

I detected a similar problem yesterday evening.
During a short and soft shower, the Wind stop totaly ( real outside Wind) at 18.26 pm on tuesday 01 05.
But the Netatmo Wind gauge look like freezed for gust around 15 km/h....
This morning too, without Wind, the netatmo Wind gauge indicated more o less 15 to 20 km/h.
During all this period the higher gust mesured by an other windgauge ( Rwind ) at the same position was at 3 km/h.
It means that netatmo mesures was always wrong after a couple of hours .
The problem stop today at 13.57 pm on wednesday 01 06.
From this moment, the value decreased 9 km/h and reach more or less my Rwind Wind gauge values.
I don't know where is the problem ? in the Wind gauge ? in the internal base ( calculation ? ) or on the netatmo servers ?
but Something wasn't ok.
I have no explication but from now i'm not very confident for mesures accuracy. :evil: :?:
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