Weather Station memory length

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Weather Station memory length

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I noticed that weather station can measure and save data without internet connection. It syncs when connection is back. My question: How long is the memory? How many days can be logged without internet connection?
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Re: Weather Station memory length

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I am also interested in this question. ;)
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Re: Weather Station memory length

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Good question. Netatmo?
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Re: Weather Station memory length

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Sorry, i'm french... this is a google translation :roll:

The main module can store up to 21.33 days of data.
Each added module splits the available storage space.

--》For a Base Station (1 main module + 1 outdoor), about 10.5 days of data.

--》For a complete station (1 main, 3 additional, 1 outdoor, 1 rain gauge, 1 anemometer), about 3 days of data.

Each warning and measurement on demand reduces the storage capacity.
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