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Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications

Post by Sendy_Netatmo » 25 Feb 2015, 15:39

Please put in this topic all features requests concerning the mobile application.

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Re: Android and iOS application

Post by wopper » 25 Feb 2015, 20:22

iphone 6 and 6+ resolution support and a new app design which shows more like a 2015 design ;) with more graphs in the app which are easier to read. i.e. a redesign.

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Re: Android/iOS/WP application

Post by HighLife » 05 Mar 2015, 14:52


I'd like to request the addition of a decimal point in the pressure display when it is set to report Millibars. For example, instead of reporting "1008" when it is actually 1008.5. I see that it rounds-up or down, but the decimal would be very helpful and it appears that it would fit with no problems.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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Re: Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications

Post by daniel.e » 05 Mar 2015, 16:59

I like to see the follow "change"
When you are on the app in vertical direction and you choose room A.
If you than turn the phone into horizontal mode it shows the graphs from the last time you visited the page (horizontal graphs) - f.e. room C temperature.
I suggest to open/show the current room you where visiting in vertical mode, as I expect to see the current room I'm viewing at - f.e. room A temperature.

or if you tip on a rooms temperature, it opens the graphs page of that room with temperature. :-)

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Make Widget for iOS8 configurable

Post by magir » 05 Mar 2015, 21:20

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Re: Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications

Post by bluvertigo » 11 Mar 2015, 12:27

I think is very interesting to add the possibility in the application and (most important) in the widget to add another station in another area (that shares the data through weathermap) without having access direct to the station.
In this way we can check, for example, the temperature and humidity/rain of a place near to the work (with high precision).

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Rain Display with monthly values?

Post by Nigbo » 28 Mar 2015, 10:00

Feature request for Displayinhalt Rain values: it would be great, if beside 30minutes, one hour, 6 hours, daily and weekly values there would be the monthly value by pinching one more time.

Or is this feature available with more than one years of data?

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Re: Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications

Post by EricJilot » 08 Apr 2015, 17:53

I'd like to see battery levels in the apps. Notification of low battery is also needed. I had the battles die in my outdoor unit about 2 weeks ago and did not know it. I don't check the system that much, my wife is the weather junky. I could not tell you why she waited two weeks to tell me that she was not getting outdoor reading.

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Re: Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications

Post by adwiseguy » 07 May 2015, 12:10

Apple Watch app.

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Re: Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications

Post by Mapantz » 09 May 2015, 13:53

I want toast notifications on Windows phone, like notifications for Android. Also, a transparent live tile.

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