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Re: Global feature requests

Post by ludvik »

My rain module is on roof and I have four reinforced concrete ceiling between indoor and outdoor. Repeater is not very useful ... but separated connection from roof is solution.

And ethernet connection with POE (passive and 802.3af) for modules.
Engholm wrote:My feature requests:
+ additional "private / not public" outdoor temperature sensors (for greenhouses e.g.)
+ repeater modul for a higher outdoor range*
+ UV Index / Sun modul

* at the moment, the position of the Indoor Module is the base ... it would be finer, if the modules are linked direktly to the WiFi Network or the availabilty of Netatmo repeater modules. It's difficult to place the Base in the living room when the best outdoor measure places are to far away on the other side of the house with several walls between.
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by pimpinonline »

I see a few people have requested a similar feature, but I want to ask for it as well.

It would be really great, if while I am viewing the mobile application or web browser, that I can receive real-time data from my devices (indoor module, outdoor module, rain gauge, wind gauge, etc.). I understand that it could create more drain on the batteries of those units, but I think it would be a great feature. Even if the default view stays the same, but there is a menu option that I can view real-time conditions, that would be awesome. Sometimes the wind starts kicking up, and I want to know how fast the wind is blowing. I don't want to wait 10-15 minutes for the next refresh of the data.
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by pimpinonline »

I would like to have the interval at which the data refreshes in the netatmo, to be configurable. Right now it seems to be every 10-15 minutes, which I am sure is to prolong the battery life of the external modules. What if I am fine with replacing batteries more frequently, and I'm willing to trade off for more frequent data? I think that would be a good feature.
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by Marcnij »

It would be nice if the actual temperature reading of the Netatmo Thermostat could be integrated in the Netatmo Weather station app as an additional indoor temperature reading.

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Re: Global feature requests

Post by canonmasta »

I don’t know how many times i’ve dreamed of this!
Please, it’s no expensive!!!!

goareva wrote:Hello !

Great weather Station, I'll buy mine today!

Just an additional feature that is missing on my point of view: a static display that would allow displaying the current measures and additionally the current time.

It could be just put on a table or a shelf or fixed to the wall. It would allow just reading the current measures at a glance, without having to find the phone / tablet, unlock it, launch the app, ... And please if you do, think about adding a nice, easy-to-read clock that would automatically adjust winter & summer time ...

I'm sure I will use a lot the app on the device, but I would also like a simple immediate reading of my weather station...

And no need to say that, if you perform such an exquisite design for a display as you did for the rest of your objects, it will be delightful...

Thanks a lot in advance for having this idea in mind !
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by Vlinderke »

Why is it so difficult to do. Buy a cheap tablet from Aldi or Lidl and you're done.
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by Stefx »

A gas leak detector would be very useful, maybe integrated into the Weather Station.
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Radon measurement

Post by arovik »

I would like to see a new addon device for measuring Radon.
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by jnievele »

Would it be possible to link the Home Coach database to an existing Weather Station account so that the Home Coach measurements appear as an additional internal sensor?
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Re: Global feature requests

Post by basil »

Just been setting up some alarms, very useful. I realised it would add massively to the relevance of alarms if they could also be set on a module by module basis:
I.e. I have a module in the greenhouse and the criteria for high temp/humidity etc. is different to needs inside the house.

This can be done via IFTTT, but it would be great to have it within the netatmo app.
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