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Re: Global feature requests

Post by SvenW78 » 23 Jan 2019, 21:17

What about Apple HomeKit Support? It should be possible now with software authentification.

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Re: Global feature requests

Post by jelockwood » 30 Apr 2019, 14:44

The current outdoor module has a number of problems foremost being that it has no heat i.e. 'Stevenson' shield as per my own previous request here -

However I would also be willing to pay for either a separate new sensor or combined outdoor module with new functions.

Additional sensors I would like to see added are -

Lightning strike detector
UV measurement
Daylight measurements
NO2 and Particulates (to measure traffic pollution)

I would also vote for the request for a signal repeater or a unit with a stronger signal since with the current design i.e. the lack of a Stevenson cage it is necessary to locate the Outdoor module in a different location to the Rain and Wind sensors.

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Re: Global feature requests

Post by S474N » 07 May 2019, 08:39

Number of problems? I have Weather in Homekit via HomeBridge and no problem for more than year. How is it possible? :)
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Low Battery Alarm for all Battery Powered Profucts

Post by 0815 » 09 Sep 2020, 07:49


I just saw, that one of the modules of my Weather stations has low battery power. But I didnt get any information/Warning from the Android App. I would suggest, that a low battery alarm should be implemented that triggers a push message on any connected device.

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