NETATMO ipcam integration

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NETATMO ipcam integration

Post by stau » 24 Oct 2016, 23:17

Each weather station worthy of being so called should have available an IPCAM module (TCP/UDP protocol) to show an overview from the station standpoint.
Think of the combination of powerful Netatmo features (global worldwide data over internet) with a built-in web page frame wherein the on-line weather station information are integrated by the real-time video streaming. Same approach for access to stations through app for smartphone.
Perhaps the main module, as it is today conceived, won't be designed to support the video stream but the most cost effective solution could be a camera working in the same way as any other ipcam webserver provided and reachable via dedicated port.
I guess it would represent an enhancement to the station performances as well as an interesting business case for Netatmo.
By the way I would be quickly inclined in buying a new Netatmo webcam module.

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Re: NETATMO ipcam integration

Post by effegi1960 » 11 Nov 2016, 11:27

:P great idea !!

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