IFTTT limitations on free accounts

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IFTTT limitations on free accounts

Post by ubik » 25 Sep 2020, 11:33

did you notice that IFTTT announced that the free version of their account will be limited to just 3 custom applet?
If you want to have more than 3 you will have to subscribe a monthly fee of 9.99 USD!!!!!!! That's a lot. And just 3 applets are not sufficient in my case, I currently have set up 29 of them.
If you decide to subscribe before October 9th you can decide the monthly fee starting from 1.99 USD.
I think that this move will kill IFTTT and I will quit using it, although an important feature I considered when buyng devices was IFTTT support.
I am quite disappointed and curious to know other users opinion, possibly also Netatmo opinion, because many manufacturer invested in IFTTT and now its appeal will be extremely reduced.

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