Presence FTTT events

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Presence FTTT events

Post by Clem23 »


I would like to switch on other bulbs (philips hue) while the cam light switches on.

Could you trig two new event (light on and light off) when the cam light is swiched on and off ?
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Re: Presence FTTT events

Post by Gutchok »

The same request here. I have a set of floodlights installed around the house. Triggering them on/off together with Presence floodlight would be a nice feature.

It looks like iFTTT is the best and the most simple way to set it up - with one of internet-enabled switches, like Wemo switch by Belkin.
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Re: Presence FTTT events

Post by LanceM »

I also would love this. Trigger a wemo light switch when the presence flood light comes on or off
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Re: Presence FTTT events

Post by Fisch »

Hi, I‘m useing the Automatic Mode. The Problem
Is, if in automatic there is no trigger for Lightstatus. ( is the light ON or OFf).

If this would be available, the trigger could be Used for Events .
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Re: Presence FTTT events

Post by Hopper »

It would be nice to have the floodlight function (on/off) available in IFTTT. That way, other events can turn the light on or off or an IFTTT button can be created to turn the light on.
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Re: Presence FTTT events

Post by ameyer »

Since Presence is Home Kit compatible I have set up a automation scene where as soon the Presence sensor detect motion the appropriate lights goes on. I even have set the time to switch off the lights so it looks a bit more that somone is at home and it is not a quick on/off. Beside that when I enter the house in the night I do not have to search the light switch first.
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Re: Presence FTTT events

Post by cantece »

can I trigger the floodlight on my GPS-Location? I want to switch the lights on before I arrive in front of it.
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