Smartthings turning off Netatmo heating

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Smartthings turning off Netatmo heating

Post by dplmartin » 27 Apr 2019, 14:20

I have the Netatmo Thermostat and smart radiator valves. Netatmo has been linked to my Smartthings hub. In one room there is a set of patio doors with a smartthings contact sensor.

When the patio doors are open, I want to suppress the radiator valve from triggering for heat. I have the Netatmo open windows feature enabled but that relies on temperature changes but I know when the door is open or closed.

If I setup an automation, Netatmo gives me the options for Heating Temperature and Mode. Heating Temperature looks like I can set a new value. I could lower this to stop the heating but I really want it to go back to the schedule when the patio doors close. Mode is either on or off and the only option is Auto.

It doesn't look like the meaning of these integrations is explained very well. If I turn Mode off (disabling Auto), does that effectively turn off the heat demand? Or do I need to adjust the temperature setpoints that would trigger heating?



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