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Domoticz/all API's IP ban ???

Posted: 01 Jan 2017, 12:09
by Emmanuel

I set up an automation system with Domoticz running on my Synology NAS.

It worked fine until I tried to force a 5 minute refresh rate by forcing the data timeout. I did it yesterday and when I got back home this morning (happy new year all), it was a bit cold because the connection with Netatmo was broken (and it was trying to connect every 3 seconds or so).

I noticed that it was an IP ban because I can use other API's like Imperihome only with my phone network (other IP). My internet IP is static, so I have no work-around...

I don't know if I reached a connection limit or if there was a "1/1 bug", but the result is I lost all my API's connections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated