Re-ordering Live Camera Feeds in App?

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Re-ordering Live Camera Feeds in App?

Post by nitin99 »

Hi, We recently installed 3 Netatmo Presence Cameras in our building and they seem to work very well. However, there seems to be no way to re-order the live feeds in the web interface or app. We had installed the cameras in a particular order (hallway, basement and then front-door) and that seems to be the order the feeds are arranged, but we would like the feeds to be re-ordered so that we can for example see the someone walking in through the building with the front-door entry feed and hallway ones adjacent to each other, while the basement one shown last.

At the moment the basement feed appears in between the other two ground-floor video feeds, so when we swipe to see what's happened it's a bit annoying to have them ordered that way. Is there any way to re-order the feeds, short of resetting the cameras? It could be a simple setting in the app to re-order them - is that something you can easily update in your app?

Also if we reset cameras, do we also loose all the data captured in the microSD cards or only the configuration settings?

thanks, let me know.
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Re: Re-ordering Live Camera Feeds in App?

Post by gnaegi »

I second that. My physically left camera appear as second in the list. I have to swipe right to get to the left camera. Seems to be a simple UI feature in the App with great effect if you have multiple cameras.

I would also love to have an alternate camera view where I see the live preview of all cams instead of the history. The history is nice to start with, but once I glanced at it a want to see the live preview of all cams.
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