I’m sick of my presence

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I’m sick of my presence

Post by Sjd666 » 02 Apr 2018, 21:25

This camera has never worked properly, what with disconnecting every minute or so all through the night and when it is connected it never picks up anything. Plus the floodlight never comes on.
Ps it’s about a meter away from the router ( netgear d7000 )

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Re: I’m sick of my presence

Post by Subzero » 03 Apr 2018, 00:54

I ran a r7000 (none DSL version of your router) fine until I replaced it. Have you manually set the channel or auto, and the 7000 router is notoriously bad for updates, after a firmware update, it's best to factory reset it and reset up your WiFi settings, if you check forums, they can drop connection. So try a WiFi scanner, pick the best channel, and you should be good to go, maybe even drop channel bonding on the 2.4ghz range, as that'll add to the interface over cross channel talk.

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