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Time/interval for uploads to Dropbox?

Posted: 28 Jun 2018, 07:44
by Bejamino
Ok so I’m thinking the Presence could be a very good security system. I’ve been thinking what would actually be a functional approach to security for a while and have ruled things out like alarms because they tend to be ignored! In theory if I could get an alert and see visual confirmation of being burgled, I could phone the police in confidence and they’d hopefully come round! Even better would be a burglar would see the Presence and realise that’s what would happen and move onto an easier target anyway.

One of my concerns is if a burglar ran up to the camera and smashed it - or managed to kill power/internet, is there a good chance the device wouldn’t have had a chance to send a notification and/or upload the footage to Dropbox or FTP? Doesn’t. It wait until files get to a certain size before uploading them for example? Or does it just upload in real time making the files larger? Clearly it’s no good just sitting on a memory card that they could steal/destroy.

Re: Time/interval for uploads to Dropbox?

Posted: 02 Jul 2018, 13:38
by ldplusse
they are not uploaded before the video is done.
So one could destroy the Presence before it uploads the video.

Re: Time/interval for uploads to Dropbox?

Posted: 02 Jul 2018, 22:10
by Subzero
Yeah Dropbox is less reliable since the maintenance work, I find some don't upload, or it's done 10/ 15 minutes after the event?

Re: Time/interval for uploads to Dropbox?

Posted: 02 Jul 2018, 23:36
by Bejamino
Kind of makes the whole idea a bit of a waste of time really. You think it's protecting you because you get to watch all the cats and delivery drivers setting it off - but when someone actually wants to break in they walk up to it and smash it off the wall and that's that! Wake me when it can upload as a stream that saves up to the second it gets cut off.

Re: Time/interval for uploads to Dropbox?

Posted: 06 Aug 2018, 16:43
by Bejamino
I've jumped in and bought two now. I'm very pleased to see that the thumbnail does come in with the alert almost instantly - so I'm fairly confident I'd see someone approaching the camera in the thumbnail and could make a call based on that if the next thing that happened was the 'camera disconnected' alert! I also figured if I had two, then the chances of both being smashed at the same time is getting incredibly unlikely.

I'm actually blown away by the whole system. The alerts with the little crops on the person/car/animal is amazing.

I'd really love it to be able to set different rules for different zones though. i.e alert and record for one zone, and just record for another zone. That way I wouldn't get alerts for all the neighbours coming and going but the footage would be there in case it's needed later.