Unable to reconnect HomeKit

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Unable to reconnect HomeKit

Post by F1rst » 28 Oct 2018, 18:17

When the HomeKit functionality was first released I successfully set up my Presence for HomeKit use. However at some point the control via HomeKit stopped working and I deleted the device from HomeKit on my iPhone.

I understood then that to set it up again for HomeKit would require a factory reset of the Presence.

However, having now tried a factory reset it still won’t successfully complete the HomeKit set up. It gets to the stage before requiring the HomeKit setup code (see attached screenshot), then waits for a couple of minutes (the floodlights glow intermittently) and then throws an error (something like ‘error accessing device’). If I then opt to complete HomeKit setup later I’m able to finish getting the camera configured and working on my network, but not the HomeKit integration.

Can anyone help?

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