Camera disconnect and files disappearing

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Camera disconnect and files disappearing

Post by zhuffzilla15 »

Using Android
and camera FW version 153

I have two smart outdoor cameras - a few weeks ago they had an update and have now become really unstable

Either camera will now randomly disconnect and remain un-contactable for about 10-20 minutes - happening about twice a week for both cameras.

Files are going missing - I can watch a file in the morning, try and come back to it a few hours later and large chunks of files are missing (3-5 hours worth) this is happening on both phones i have connected and on the website.

Is this a known issue with the firmware ? any advice on how to resolve?
I had other issues before the update but would much rather have those back compared to the current issues.
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Re: Camera disconnect and files disappearing

Post by Guillaume_B_Netatmo »

Hello zhuffzilla15,

I can see you opened a ticket in this regard a couple of months ago. We answered you but you never got back to us, I therefore guess our message was considered as SPAM.
My colleague from the outdoor team will contact you by the end of the day, I would therefore appreciate if you could keep an eye on your SPAM folder and make sure to whitelist us.

If you can't see our message please let me know by answering here.
If you would like us to contact you on another email address, I invite you to confirm it by sending me a private message.

I thank you for your comprehension and wish you a nice day!
Technician specialist
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