Vertical Tilt Misalignment due to heat?

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Vertical Tilt Misalignment due to heat?

Post by im0001 » 27 Jun 2019, 18:42

Hello all,

I have noticed today that my Presence, mounted on the garage, tilted downwards quite significantly in the past two weeks. Today then, when I went outside to readjust the camera, it felt quite warm and no matter how tight I fastened the screws on the side, I was still able to tilt the camera by hand (I stopped before reaching full torque because I didn’t want to break anything).
Could this be an issue with the outside temperature? It has been quite warm in the NE USA recently.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you, besides this issue, I love my Presence!


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Re: Vertical Tilt Misalignment due to heat?

Post by Guillaume_B_Netatmo » 02 Jul 2019, 11:56

Hello im0001,

The ambient temperature appears to play a major role, however, please be assured that we can provide you with a solution!
I invite you to submit us a ticket by heading there:

* ... oor-camera

(Use the "Send us a message" at the bottom of the article)
I thank you in advance, we will make sure to answer you promptly!
Technician specialist

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