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SD card :(

Posted: 26 Jul 2019, 21:54
by dashman
Hi folks... new Presence ~under a year old... last night gave this message (see pic(SD card error) if it helps since i got FW 155 recently, not sure if anyone else had that prob.. anyways.....)

I have a spare 16Gig Sandisk Extreme pro super duper class 223 (10) etc from a Mavic pro drone (blah blah blah...)

Question is how do i format it so that the presence will accept it first time no hastle (as its high up and i need special access to get to it so i dont want to mess about..)

Anyone know? (Unformated, FAT, FAT32, NTFS etc i use a windows PC)

Thx in advance peeps...

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 26 Jul 2019, 22:09
by dashman
HELP, i need to fix in the am... !!

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 09:41
by frav
This is how I have understood it.
The Precense camera partitions & formats the card by it self. So you don't have to do anything there. If you have an existing card that is already used before, everything will be removed. So save any files before you put the card in the Presence.

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 19:56
by dashman
Hmm, most Bizarre.. removed old card (that was showing fault) installed new one...(sandisk) it wouldnt work (somtimes it would say, insuffcient space, somtimes sd card missing, somtimes nothing (after each reboot)
I took the SD card out of my second camera that works just fine, stuck that in, that didnt work either.... put the "suspected" bad card in the known good camera it worked fine, tried the new Sandisk in the known good camera that worked fine...

I had convinced myself the camera was faulty, so i put everthing back as it was, once last reboot and geez everything is now working... Go figure..!!

There was plenty of lube in the slots etc, everything looked just fine.... so i just give up....

for future reference, the Presence formats SD cards automatically on insertion as 2 partitions, a system one of ~500meg then the balence of the storage is set as a second partition for the video clips to be stored on.

Anyway im working again, lets see how long for....

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 20:35
by dashman
Ok i didnt have to wait long, its broken again... this is nuts... :(

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 20:44
by frav
Strange, but nice to read that you in some way solved it.

Edit: You wrote your update during my writing.

Is it the same SD in the same camera?

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 28 Jul 2019, 16:51
by dashman
i have now tried around 10 different SD cards... Alas NONE work, yet they all work in my second netatmo presence :( so it must the the device thats faulty... im busy here now looking for the servce link to get a replacemnt :(

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 16 Aug 2019, 12:56
by stripes
I, too, suffered that screen and "defective SD card" error last week whilst travelling. I'm on firmware 155, in case that's interesting.

I took the original card out of the slot, applied some new grease, inserted a new class 10 card in and powered the unit back on. Don't get the "defective SD card" or "missing SD card" messages, but still get the broken image with "Video unavailable. Check the SD Card." main image. I'll leave it powered-up for an hour or so in case this is the view you get whilst the camera formats the card and builds the encrypted filesystem partitions up.

Is there any way of getting additional diagnostics out of the Presence camera?

fwiw, mounting the supposed-failed SD card on my linux box shows two healthy filesystems...

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 18:02
by Guillaume_B_Netatmo
Hello dashman,

I can see you submitted a ticket to our assistance. If there is anything else we may help you with, please answer to the last email you received to let us know!

Regarding the partition, @Frav is correct! Our cameras automatically format any new SD Card and split into two partitions.

@Stripes, if you replaced the SD card and still get an error message, please submit us a ticket for further investigation and assistance.


I thank you for your comprehension!

Re: SD card :(

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 10:37
by stripes
Thanks Guillaume. I did just that last week and have a replacement unit in transit. Fingers crossed this one outlives it's predecessor (2 years, 3 days)!