Wi-fi 6 presence compatibility

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Wi-fi 6 presence compatibility

Post by Grantsid » 04 Sep 2019, 12:40

I was just wondering whether the next generation of WiFi standard (WiFi 6) would improve the drop out of signal rate that I experience currently with my cammers. If so I'd probably look at upgrading my current BT smart hub router to the next generation. It would also be good to know if netatmo plan on integrating WiFi 6 hardware comparability within there next presence cammer once/if they have developed it.

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Re: Wi-fi 6 presence compatibility

Post by dashman » 07 Sep 2019, 20:17

Dont bother it will make zero difference... just get a wifi signal however you can RIGHT next to the camera, i think the fact they are in a metal housing REALLY restricts the range they operate at, My iphone connects at 866.67 mbps at both of my camera locations, but the cameras vary from 20-50mbs, also have other kit far far further away than the cameras that also connects way faster and rock solidly....

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Re: Wi-fi 6 presence compatibility

Post by gnaegi » 02 Oct 2019, 14:06

The cam uses only 2.4Ghz, not even the 5Ghz network is supported. So I doubt it will make use of any new WiFi Standard. The fact that it only uses 2.4 is really a problem with iPhones, those automatically connec to 5Ghz if available, so the cam and the phone are not on the same net and thus many problems occur with HomeKit initialisation. I configured an extra only-2.4Ghz network speically for the cams only for being able to configure them properly.

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