"Improve detection" working?

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"Improve detection" working?

Post by Stefan83 »


during windy weather condition the cover of my garden furniture is detected as person 20-25 times a day.
I'm using the "Improve detection" and select "None of them" (What is this?).

But it doesn't have any effect and the exact-same false detection happens again and again.

Is this feature working?

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Re: "Improve detection" working?

Post by DAJ »

The "Improve Detection" does absolutely nothing to the detection algorithm installed on the camera as the cameras have no intelligence. We were told in the first year of release that each improvement image is sent to Netatmo who have to manually check each image before supposedly working on new algorithms. Detection algorithms updates are therefore only included within new firmware releases.

Unfortunately, Netatmo never released a new firmware for 14 months between v135 (March 21st 2018) and v155 (May 6th 2019) and then only mentioned there were minor detection algorithm improvements. It's now 18 months since any major detection improvements, and what exactly are the minor improvements, nobody knows as Netatmo never go into any detail on their firmware releases.

I have had the same issue for nearly three years with , sun/shade, washing lines, leaves ,covers, stationary cars and from this I conclude that it appears Netatmo have no real interest in improving the algorithms. I counted the number of false detections on the same item one day and it amounted to 356 (all of which I sent as improvements). Over the years I have sent tens of thousands of "improve detections" and it has not improved in these areas.

Netatmo also mentioned in firmware 119 after months of informing them of the bug of the Floodlight switching on (with nothing showing in the timeline) that it has been fixed. They use two algorithms, the first one switches the light on when a detection is made and the second algorithm check is meant to confirm the first was correct and switch the light off if incorrect. This still causes the same issue and therefore the light can be on most of the night through incorrect detections when it is windy but you will not receive any notification or any thing stored in the timeline.

Personally I feel as if Netatmo should remove the "improve detection" menu item as after 18 months of no new firmware with improvements they are obviously not doing anything in this area.
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Re: "Improve detection" working?

Post by Teamtaylor84 »

I think it’s safe to say Netatmo have well and truly abandoned this camera now unfortunately. As mentioned updates are few and far between despite there being many things that could do with a tweak or improvement.

Many new products being released which seem to be where their attention is solely focused which is understandable to a degree considering there’s no subscription fee like rivals. However for the extremely high premium they charge you up front to buy their products, I did expect more long term support.
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