"Video Unavailable. The camera is disconnected"

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Re: "Video Unavailable. The camera is disconnected"

Post by Zappon » 02 Jul 2020, 22:17

Same probleme for me. The camera disconnect and restarts randomly many times a day. Actually I can't visualize the video via the application, but the motion detection seems to work. In my App, I see that a motion has been detected, but it's impossible to see the video in the application.
I can ping the camera, and the network is OK. I have actually the v184.
Any idea of the problem and how to solve it?
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Re: "Video Unavailable. The camera is disconnected"

Post by Ma55duh » 03 Jul 2020, 09:55

that is a ballache!

i get the impression that the moment the camera needs to make a 'decision' or has a 'choice' .... it just starts flailing around and instead of making a decision/choice, it just keeps umming and ahhing (?!?) between choices and doesn't work properly / works intermittently e.g. IP address, Network SSID etc. even if it seems like overkill, i get the impression the more that can be fixed down, the better, so the pesky camera isn't given a choice ... even if this means separating channels (i know it only works on 2.4ghz), putting an extender in (which will then have it's own unique SSID), only connecting the camera(s) to that extender (so there's no contention), fixing IP addresses etc ... and, if you've previously setup with one SSID then used another one subsequently, just doing a fresh install/clear cache so that it only has one set of credentials to contend with. it doesn't like having to think and it doesn't like change - it just wants to be told what to do!!

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Re: "Video Unavailable. The camera is disconnected"

Post by HurdyGurdy » 29 Jul 2020, 01:06

Joining the club - piece of rubbish is just not worth the money.

Disconnects and now restarts several times a day - Access Point reports a 99% strong connection so this isn't the wifi ( Unifi network). First camera failed after 12 months, this replacement after 2 years.
No chance i am buying another one ...

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