keeping Presence dry

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keeping Presence dry

Post by skyTroxx » 16 Jan 2020, 11:51

Hi guys,
i´m a Presence User since they released it. Corrently i´m using 4 of Presence Cams. Unfortanly, my first one got demaged (technically) someday last year, so i ordered a new one for the same spot.
As my old one, this new one starts to b*tches around - since April it took me six SD Cards, because they always get demaged by weather conditions (only rain). Believe it or not, for the first 3 year (with my first one on that spot) it took me 13 SD Cards. And yes, i use special "gel" (sorry, don´t know the right english translation) to protect my SD cards.

So, my idea is, to try to protect "her" a bit more. Maybe someone out there struggle with the same problem and get me any clue what else i can do.
- protecting the Presence via "little Roof"
- protecting the Presence via "little housing" (acrylic glass)
- protecting the Presence Base with "tape" (where you open to change the SD Card)

Thanks in advance

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