Current Camera Issues

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Current Camera Issues

Post by PaulReynolds » 19 Feb 2020, 14:53

Hi All,
Have had the Presence camera working fine since 2017.
Recently the following issues have occurred

No Infrared camera - low light mode? After dark all images are pitch black, it is near a motion sensor light, so it will at least work if someone/thing turns on the light
Frequent disconnects - for 7 minutes always same length

Firmware 175

Anyone have any thoughts please? Tried the usual power cycle etc.
Cheers, Paul

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Re: Current Camera Issues

Post by Da9L » 23 Feb 2020, 17:32

Mine has also begun to disconnect all the time. I have two cameras and it happens to both of them. Monitoring them with ping i can see that they sometimes respond fine and nicely for 30 minutes and then the requests begun to slowly get more and more timeouts untill its almost completely unable to respond, and at this point the camera disconnects from the netatmo application. Then if i wait long enough it will eventually begun to respond again and return to normal function

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