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An error occurred, please try again later??

Post by Subzero » 22 Mar 2020, 10:24

Anyone getting the above message constantly, even with max signal strength and fast connection? Been happening a lot these past months, Netatmo are you aware of any server side issues? Please provide feedback, haven't seen any moderator activity for months? :-(

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Re: An error occurred, please try again later??

Post by Da9L » 07 Apr 2020, 08:54

I've had a ticket going with them for around 14 days but they kept trying to get me to move my access point closer even though its within 5 meters of the camera. And yes it began happening after january i think.

I gave up on their support though and have planned to replace these expensive crappy cameras. If they can't even connect within 5 meters (and mind you its not all the time, some times it works without problems) then its their software being problematic not my access point. Besides my other cheap knockoff chinese camera works flawless and is further away.

I bought a security camera to feel secure, but i certainly do not as i never feel confident that these cameras would even work if I'm away

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