Set up of second hand camera

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Set up of second hand camera

Post by jamie9292 »


I cannot seem to find the Homekit setup code

I am therefore following instructions as per ... setup-code

the instructions say Go to the settings menu > Manage your home > choose the room where the Camera is installed > choose the Camera > scroll down and click 'Enable' in the ''Siri and Apple Home'' section.

I have done so but I do not see an 'Enable' button I just see a 'Setup' button. After clicking that I get the message that We are currently unable to perform the HomeKit setup.

Any ideas how I can proceed?

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Re: Set up of second hand camera

Post by Schalkse »

The homekit setup code is always located on the black square mount from plastic that you put against the wall.
Look on the back side and you will find it there.
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Re: Set up of second hand camera

Post by jofre_netatmo »

If the camera was produced before the HomeKit compatible firmware was released, then there will be no code on your camera.
In this case, you will need to reset your camera with the reset QR code and set it up again. This will allow you to "Enable3 HomeKit, which will generate a new setup code.
Jofre - Netatmo Team
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