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Tags for Presence

Posted: 15 Nov 2016, 08:19
by olli1705
Can anybofy tell me when i can connect tags to the presence? Setup in the app says "soon" ...

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 16 Nov 2016, 06:59
by Florian Netatmo
Dear olli1705,

We are currently testing this feature, I cannot give you a precise date yet. We will keep you updated as soon as it will be available !

Thank you for your trust


Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 29 Nov 2016, 21:03
by testko
Anything new...release date?

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 06 Dec 2016, 23:50
by Clem23

A release date would be welcome !

I bought this cam and for this feature but can't use it one month later. Not happy at all.

Perhaps is there a way to help you to develop this feature by testingna beta version.

I would be pleased.

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 07 Dec 2016, 00:22
by Una Real
Beta testing? I'm old enough to remember when companies actually did do beta testing prior to official product release. Nowadays, most companies just release products and allow their customers to do the beta testing. Don't believe me? Spend some time reading through these forums. I'm not singling out Netatmo here - simply commenting about how things are commonly done with products in general these days. Netatmo is only conforming to the norm.

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 16 Dec 2016, 13:29
by Clem23
Release date for this feature please !

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 29 Dec 2016, 21:57
by jueti
Yes, I would like to see Tags being able to connect and work together with PRESENCE as well.

OTOH, what I could read so far from user reactions at the current Tags for Welcome are not really working well and amazon has suspended delivery to customers.

So maybe better to wait for PRESENCE tags until all the bugs have been squashed out of this programme ...

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 17 Jan 2017, 08:33
by testko
I already have tags that are compatible with presence for two months. But i cannot install them, because of no support in IOS app.

Netatmo should provide a release date of support tags for presence.

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 17 Jan 2017, 14:36
by vojta66
Another headache.....result nowhere....I think Netatmo should focus to make existing products 100% working rather then introducing another toys: smokealarm....etc.... :geek:

Re: Tags for Presence

Posted: 20 Jan 2017, 20:00
by testko
Still no answer from netatmo. But team is back???