Light sensor?

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Light sensor?

Post by jelockwood » 18 Nov 2016, 16:06

I could not find an indication as to whether the Presence has a light sensor. By this I don't mean does it use IR to detect the 'presence' of a person, car or animal, but so that it can detect whether it is actually necessary to turn on the floodlight. It would after all be stupid to have the floodlight repeatedly turning on during the daytime.

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Re: Light sensor?

Post by jofre_netatmo » 18 Nov 2016, 19:05

Hi jelockwood,
Thanks for your question.
Indeed, Presence can determine if ambient light is bright enough in order to turn the IR light off during daytime.
IR light will only turn on when it's dark.
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Re: Light sensor?

Post by kiboost » 18 Nov 2016, 19:45

could be usefull to send IFTTT trigger when this state change. For smarthome scenaris ... 8-)
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