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Firmware Updates

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Please find below the changelog of the Presence firmwares:

v198 (December 7th 2020)
- Fix a crash at the end of HomeKit streams

v194 (November 16th 2020)
- Unified firmware for Smart Outdoor Camera and Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren
- Minor bugs, security and production fixes

v184 (April 30th 2020)
- Homekit connectivity fix

v179 (April 8th 2020):
- Improvements regarding security
- Reduce SD card errors sensitivity
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

v175 (January 15th 2020):
- Improvements regarding streaming quality on bad network conditions
- Improvements regarding security
- Fix a bug that caused cameras to become sometimes unresponsive after a reboot
- Fix a bug that caused cameras to generate abnormally dark pictures when the camera was submitted to intense light, like a car lamp.

v165 (December 9th 2019):
- SD card management improvements
- Update HLS to enhance video quality
- Improvements regarding security
- Miscelleanous bug fixes (including flickering floodlight on movement)

v155 (July 2nd 2019):
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v153 (May 6th 2019):
- SD card file management improvements
- Security improvements
- Minor connectivity and detection algorithm improvements

v135 (March 21st 2018):
- Improved detection algorithms.
- HomeKit snapshot refresh fix.
- IR light fix after floodlight is turned off from HomeKit.
- Minor bug fixes and network stability improvements.

v119 (January 2nd 2018):
- HomeKit compatibility: all cameras running v119 can be HomeKit enabled through the iOS app (iOS 10.3 or higher only).
- Fixed a bug that turned the floodlight on for wrong detections.
- Fixed a bug that repeatedly uploaded the same video to Dropbox.
- Improved FTP video uploads to avoid uploading unreadable files.
- Minor detection algorithm improvements.
- Minor bug fixes to improve network stability.

v101 (July 4th 2017):
- Detection algorithm improvements.
- Improved image quality.
- Fix for audio playback in iOS 11.

v96 (June 2nd 2017):
- Minor bug fixes.

v95 (May 17th 2017):
- Updated Wi-Fi firmware
- Bug fix in installer for some routers
- Adjustments of classification thresholds to reduce false alarms; detection improvements in night mode.

v87 (January 31st 2017):
- Fixed a bug which prevented efficient video transmission on local network

v86 (January 27th 2017):
- Reworked VPN and network connection logic for better network stability
- Fixed bugs during installation and network reconfiguration
- Fixed a possible cause of SD card issues
- Reduced the delay before automatic reboot in case of network issue (30 minutes instead of 45 minutes)
- Improvement of events detection and classification

v82 (December 8th 2016):
- Detection algorithm improvements.
- Background noise reduction.

v78 (November 29th 2016):
- Minor bug fixes

v75 (November 22nd 2016):
- Detection algorithm improvements.
- Report on false night events.
- Bug fix: floodlight settings are now taken into account right after modification.

v66 (November 7th 2016):
- Detection algorithm improvements.
- Higher reactivity at night.

- Factory version

NB: new firmwares are automatically pushed from our servers to the cameras. The firmware deployement on all products is progressive and all devices are updated few days or weeks after the release date.
Brieuc - Netatmo Team

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