Where's the New Firmware?

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Re: Where's the New Firmware?

Post by Una Real » 01 Feb 2017, 09:55

tifoso wrote:I am very disappointed. Before update from v82 to v87 my presence worked after changing the sd card very stable with a passably video quality mostly on 720p or 1080i. Now, after updating in the app I can see the video only with 360p and video quality is absolutely horrible. Netatmo did a very bad job with this update. Now the presence is nothing else than a very expensive floodlight.
Sorry to hear your video quality and resolution has deteriorated. But it sounds like your wi-fi strength has likely varied, rather than it being a factor of going from v82 to v87. Because I'm seeing about the same quality in my live stream after having gone from v82 to v87. if anything, it may be slightly better. But that could just be due to fluctuations in my wi-fi strength. Or wishful thinking. :) As far as resolution, my live stream has always been 1080, never going down to 720 or 360. Quality has sometimes been better or worse, depending upon signal strength, but Presence should only lower the resolution from 1080 when the wi-fi signal is weak. And the signal would have to be very weak to go all the way down to 360.

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Re: Where's the New Firmware?

Post by kthemall » 01 Feb 2017, 10:10


got ver. 87 yesterday

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