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ldplusse wrote:
Slim wrote:Hi

I have never had any recognition issues except when IR leds are on and its snowing. Detected as a car.
And a few random recognition fails when there is water on the lens. Person/animal seen.
Never had issues with birds, cats e.g. detected as a person, on any fw version.

Strange :?

i have the exact same positive experience.

But very few people in this forum is making VERY much noise, with there bad experience.
That is sad, because they are scaring other people away.
I payed 900 euro's (!!) for 3 OUTDOOR netatmo SECURITY camera's. After 10 minute's of rain ALL camera's stopped working. After checking, ALL SD cards are ruined by water. The netatmo solution is to buy new SD cards and super lube to treat your new sd cards with. What we did. After the first rain exactly the same!! So far an OUTDOOR camera.
Being away on buisnis for a couple of weeks, after 2 days there was a powercut. All camera's are (ofcourse) dead. But when the power comes back on the camera's are STILL dead and REMAIN dead. All the way till you come home and reset everything by hand! So far a SECURITY system!

And this you DONT want people to know? You rather have them spent a fortune too? To buy rubbish?
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