How to empty the camera buffer of Presence ?

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How to empty the camera buffer of Presence ?

Post by jueti » 19 Mar 2017, 18:32

It has been reported here in various cases that stop of recording or other issues of the Presence camera were linked to an overflow of the integrated buffer memory.

Some users have reported once they got help from Netatmo support their staff could access the users camera and empty the buffer memory, which resulted in a smooth operation afterwards.

My question now:
How can I empty the buffer memory myself in order to re-activate my cameras operation once it has hung up ?

All personal data like internal IP- and MAC-adress etc are known to me, so how to perform this action ?

@ NETATMO admins:
Can you please provide this info, either via response in this thread or via private mail?

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Re: How to empty the camera buffer of Presence ?

Post by Brieuc_Netatmo » 20 Mar 2017, 10:15

Flushing the buffer is a solution for a specific issue, which might not be exactly yours.
We're working on improving our software to avoid such inconvenience.
Please contact us at support to let us investigate on your camera if it turns out to be necessary.
Have a nice day!
Brieuc - Netatmo Team

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