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recognition very disappointing

Posted: 28 Apr 2017, 11:09
by kthemall
what´s wrong with the recognition of persons/cars/animals?

take a look at the attached file. it´s 100% clear that this must be a car.

i do a correction of 3 each day. movement found but not recognised???? i send it over to netatmo, what do they do with that information? when will a new firmware be released and will it improve detection/recognition????

thx tom

Re: recognition very disappointing

Posted: 29 Apr 2017, 11:43
by Lebro
You must improve all the wrong notifications every day. It took me six weeks before the wrong reports stopped. So be patient.

Re: recognition very disappointing

Posted: 29 Apr 2017, 15:42
by kthemall
oh,, 6 weeks.......

well if one knows it, i´ll do.

thx tom

Re: recognition very disappointing

Posted: 30 Apr 2017, 10:34
by kiboost
Actually, it is worse and worse. I've put back summer table/chairs on terrace, and with sun changing fast and strong trees shadows it is full of wrong detections...

Re: recognition very disappointing

Posted: 02 May 2017, 16:59
by vojta66
I am really wondering if there is coming any further fw update for Presence. I think it is sleeping and stuck in current (not satisfactory) level........

Re: recognition very disappointing

Posted: 11 May 2017, 02:36
by monte87
I have been Improving Detection for all the False alarms for some time now - not sure if it has been 6 weeks but it feels like a long time!

First, the camera had many false alarms this winter for the Sun coming in and out of clouds - no leaves on the trees yet. This is when I started "Improving Detection"
Then there were many false alarms for the Sun shadows from trees with leaves blowing in the wind. Continued "Improving Detection"
Now that its Spring, I keep getting many false alarms and can't even see what is triggering it when I view the videos. It seems the False alarms are getting worse since I started "Improving Detection"

Very disappointing is an understatement! I can't recommend this product to anyone at all.