Notifications extremely delayed

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Re: Notifications extremely delayed

Post by jofre_netatmo » 06 Aug 2017, 18:48

Hello all,
For several hours there's been a service interruption that affected notifications, events on the timeline and the installation process.
Our engineers have fixed the error by 4pm today.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.
Jofre - Netatmo Team

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Re: Notifications extremely delayed

Post by chilou » 06 Aug 2017, 23:58

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Re: Notifications extremely delayed

Post by bryceb » 07 Aug 2017, 05:15

Why hasn't Netatmo emailed all users informing them of the outage? This is a hugely sensitive issue and highlights how flawed Netatmo is from camera perspective (needs connection to Netatmo server to operate) and support perspective (still not fixed after 3 days of outage!).

I am still not seeing log of unknown faces from the weekend even though there were unknown faces in the house both days. Nothing on FTP or Dropbox either.

So basically pants pulled down complete lack of security from Netatmo all weekend.

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Re: Notifications extremely delayed

Post by vojta66 » 07 Aug 2017, 20:06

Basically this's is unacceptable , what if your house was visited by burglars during this outage ?
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Re: Notifications extremely delayed

Post by hanoba » 28 Dec 2017, 22:52

ChrisBer wrote:For me the same, made the mistake to reset the Cam and now I can't reconnect it anymore.
Contacted support but now answer.

Also I have seen that all lot of the recordings from the last days where not pushed to the ftp server even if they were in the timeline of the cam.
That's very strange, bought the Cam because it appeared not to be so cloud aware but it seems it is.

This extremely holds me back from buying a 2nd one for the garden.
I hope after this issue (I hope its solved soon, since the problems are now some days old) there is a firmware update that helps the cam to run even if there is no Netatmo service available.

Tip for Netatmo: because in the same timeframe we had a similar issue in our company, if you use Symantec Endproint Protection on your servers, keep an eye on the Virus definitions, there was an update that prevents servers from booting correctly.
5 (FIVE) MONTH after ChrisBer's post I still have exactly the same problem: recorded videos are not pushed to the the ftp server if there is no internet connection or if the internet connection is slow. I bought the Presence because it allowed to store data on a local FTP server without any cloud access. Now it seems that also for local FTP upload, access to the Netatmo servers is required. This is extremely bad and makes the Presence unusable for me! When will this bug be fixed?

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