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Connection lost to Presence during integration.

Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 15:07
by Welaki
I am desperatly trying to integrate my Presence to the network. The wifi signal is ok and Presence gets an IP, so this should be fine. Moreover, Presence reacts on movement in front of it during night. So I think, the device is basically running. Unfortunately, my twitter request for support to the Netatmo-Team was not responded... :-(

What is happening, is that during the integration of the Presence in my iOS-App, everything‘s fine. I even get the message that I have successfully connected the device. This message is followed by the other one: „Unfortunately we have lost the connection to the camera. This Installation will restart.“

My Welcome and the Weather station with rain and wind gauge work fine in the same network:

- Router TP Archer D20

Any idea? I‘am gladfull for any help. Frankly spoken, I am quite pi... off about that netatmo product. It seems not to be in a final development stage. I have passed about 5h trying to integrate that device. Always the same issue at the same point.

Could this be a firmware issue? Any idea hot to check.

Re: Connection lost to Presence during integration.

Posted: 24 Oct 2017, 19:11
by horizon
Same happened to me. Got the same message ".. lost the connection to the camera .." during first try of configuration in iOS app after scanning QR-Code card.

Presence is in WLAN an has IP. Signal is good. When switched off an on again, after a few seconds the light is on for a few seconds. But in the iOS app the camera cannot be found during configuration. No reaction on QR-Code card.

WiFi router ist Apple Airport Extreme.

Did not find any information for a factory reset to start from scratch?
Any other ideas?


Re: Connection lost to Presence during integration.

Posted: 30 Oct 2017, 17:26
by Welaki
Problem still not solved. I am in discussions with the support, but it seems that they do not know either. According to the postings at this forum, the product seems to be rubbish... :?

Re: Connection lost to Presence during integration.

Posted: 31 Oct 2017, 22:51
by 70MP4
I had the same issue. However it did work with the QR code inside the app. It was a small button during the pairing procedure, when the app says show the QR code. Then it is a text/button that says something like print the QR code. Press that one and the QR code is displayed. That one worked for me. After that the app hanged and the camera where acting up. Then I killed the app, power cycled the camera and then everything was working as it should.
Apart from this, the camera and app is great!

Good luck