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Healthy Home Coach with Homekit fails

Posted: 22 Jul 2019, 11:11
by peibol81
I have two Healthy Home Coach stations in my home.
This gadgets works fine with the Home Coach app in iOS.
But since two or three weeks ago, I lost the compatibility with Homekit. The devices appears as disconnected in the Apple Home app and is impossible say voice orders to Homepod/ iPhone.
I tried to restart and reinstall the devices but nothing changed. The devices are correctly connected to my wifi and worked fine all this time, but two weeks ago begin to fail, but only with Homekit. With iOS app continues working perfect.
The firmware version of both Healthy Home Coach stations is 45.
Please help. I’m a blind person and for me is very important Homekit compatibility. Is the reason I bought this product.
And, if is possible, there will be much apreciated add IFTTT or Alexa compatibility for this devices.