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missing dates

Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 00:35
by zzooee

When I download the data between 2 dates, why is the date indicated only for the beginning ?

I guess I am supposed to deduce it from the beginning date and the interval. But I can think of scenarios where an automated calculation of the in-between dates is not correct.

Also, does the API extrapolate data when it is missing ? or falls in a gap?

thanks for advice

Re: missing dates

Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 09:47
by trosenblatt
Hello zzooee,

from :

This allows you to choose the format of the answer.

If you build a mobile app and bandwith usage is an issue, use optimize = true.

Use optimize = false, for an easier parse. In this case, values are indexed by sorted timestamp.

Example of un-optimized response :

{"status": "ok",
"body": {
"1347575400": [18.3,39],
"1347586200": [20.6,48]
"time_exec": 0.012136936187744}

If optimize is set, measurements are returned as an array of series of regularly spaced measures. Each series is defined by a beginning time beg_time and a step between measures, step_time:

{"status": "ok",
"body": [
{"beg_time": 1347575400,
"step_time": 10800,
[ 20.6,48]]
"time_exec": 0.014238119125366}
Default value is true.