Simple PHP API for Netatmo

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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Simple PHP API for Netatmo

Post by tobias.redmann » 08 Apr 2013, 08:32

I just want let you know, that I created a simple API to access the Netatmo data. Currently not everything is implemented, but you can download it from:

Here is a simple example how to use:

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$device_name = 'my_device';
$module_name = 'outdoor';

$credentials = array(
  'client_id'     => 'your_client_id',
    'client_secret' => 'your_client_secret',
  'username'      => 'your_username',
  'password'      => 'your_password'

$client = new NAApiClient($credentials);

$netatmo = new Netatmo($client);

$device = $netatmo->getDevice($device_name);

$module = $device->getModule($module_name);

$measurement = $module->getLatestMeasurement();

$temperature = $measurement->get('temperature');

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