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Server Error 500 if no module_id

Posted: 03 Oct 2018, 15:44
by skuske
Accoring to the documentation of the getmeasure API the 'module_id' parameter can be empty, and if so, data of the station is returned, provided the station_id is set. Actually this is not correct. If module_id is empty the server returns a HTTP 500 error. This actually started to happen a few days before: it looks like the API changed somehow.

Docs say for module_id: "Mac address of the module you’re interested in. If not specified, returns data of the device. If specified, returns data from the specified module."

If you want to get data of the station, you must set the station_id as well as the module_id, which is the same as the station_id in that case, otherwise you get a 500 error.

@netatmo, please clarify. Thanks.