Webhook not working anymore

The Netatmo API is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties to access Netatmo device's data.
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Webhook not working anymore

Post by mcflyyy » 25 Jul 2019, 20:58

Since you have changed the allowed ports for webhook, i can't get notification anymore.

I changed url to port 80. But nothing.

I register again the application with the php script :

// Adding/droping Webhooks for the current user
//Adding a Webhook for your app for the current user
$client->subscribeToWebhook("http://mywebsite/"); //insert the URL $

it's ok, i can see the tierse application in camera settings, but i don't reveice any alerts.

Can you Help me ?

I set my website url in TECHNICAL PARAMETERS -> Webhook URL

Nothing in Redirect URI

And same website in App website.

Thanks in advance,

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