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API to check for Webhook ban status

Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 04:06
by billbrazeal
Is there a way to programmatically check to see if a webhook has had its "ban status" set to yes? It would be helpful if I could check that periodically to see if the webhook is not working. Or is there another way that the webhook status could be queried?

Any help is appreciated!

Re: API to check for Webhook ban status

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 10:26
by Daegil_Netatmo

At the moment it is not possible to check the webhook ban status throught an endpoint/calls. The only way is to login into your account to check.
In any case your webhook only gets banned if 5 failures to connect occur in the course of one hour and the only ports allowed are the HTTP(80) and https(443).

If there are not failure on that side then you shouldn't worry about getting banned.

Bye :)